Entry Definition
(something string-like, story, etc.) it ends
s/he dances until end (of musical number, party, marathon, etc.)
(process or entity extending in time or space) stopping, coming to an end, finishing; having stopped, having come to an end, having finished
the year ends
s/he finishes praying, has finished praying
(bereaved person, especially woman) h/ period of mourning ends
(body of water) the deep part comes to an end
ending, terminating, concluding, finishing; having ended, terminated, concluded, finished
at the end of the lake
the cloud(s) come to an end
that is the end of h/; s/he is finished, extinct
(something stick-like; road, path, railway) it ends, comes to an end
the rain ends, the rainshower or rainstorm has ended
(event) it is over, has ended
(geography) the land comes to an end (e.g., at water); (figuratively) it is the end of the world
the school year ends or has ended
(something floating; figuratively, an island or faraway land) it comes to an end
it ends there
(snake, rope) s/he comes to an end
(something string-like, story, etc.) it comes to an end, it is over, it concludes
(rope, etc.) s/he comes to end, s/he stretches to breaking point; (official) h/ term has ended or expired
before ending, before reaching its intended terminus or destination, falling short; lowly; disparagingly
before ending; falling short
it floats so far, it floats to the end (of something)
hardened and toughened end piece of loaf of raised bread