verb ai 11
s/he finishes praying, has finished praying
Plural : mehcimiyahtuwok, mehcimiyawolotuwok
Verb Stem : -mehcimiya-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Mehcimiyamk. After church.
Am-ote mehcimiyat, 'tiyal yaq, "Nehe, toke naci-wekiyan." On yaq wot ehpit naci-wekiyat, katama-te 'tiywawikol. Finally, when he had finished praying, he told her, "So, go and spend it now." And when the woman went and spent it, she had it no more. (MT)
Kotama apqotehtewi drugstore, yaka, yey, mehcimiyamk. The drugstore wasn't going to be open until after church. (MT)
Nuci-nutahan, mehcimiyamok ehta. I went out, since the services were over. (MT)
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