Entry Definition
s/he has to finish it
finished lumber; fancy carving
s/he finishes doing things to h/ (e.g., processing ash for baskets); s/he gets the better of h/; s/he got at h/, can get at h/; s/he rescues h/
s/he did something to self, finished doing things to self; s/he did (own) hair, put on makeup, jewelry, etc.
s/he did it, can do it; s/he finished it; s/he got at it, can get at it; s/he makes it do something
it is finished, is ready, is completed, is done
s/he finishes doing it, has finished doing it
(process or entity extending in time or space) stopping, coming to an end, finishing; having stopped, having come to an end, having finished
s/he finishes making it, has finished making it
s/he finishes or has finished making it for h/
s/he finishes praying, has finished praying
s/he finishes praying for h/, has finished praying for h/
s/he shreds it, tears it to pieces; s/he finishes tearing it, has finished tearing it
ending, terminating, concluding, finishing; having ended, terminated, concluded, finished
s/he has finished telling story
(person) s/he has finished doing the cooking; s/he has quit job as cook
s/he finishes digging, has finished digging
s/he has finished burning wood or fire
s/he burns up something belonging to h/; s/he finishes or has finished cooking it for h/
s/he comes to end of story, has finished telling story
s/he has finished telling h/ a story
s/he has finished hanging clothes to dry
s/he finishes speaking, has finished speaking
s/he finishes talking to h/, ends conversation with h/
(year, season, month, holiday) it is all over, it is all finished