verb ta 31
s/he finishes doing things to h/ (e.g., processing ash for baskets); s/he gets the better of h/; s/he got at h/, can get at h/; s/he rescues h/
Verb Stem : -kisehl-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Mam-ote 'kisehlal tenth round. He finally knocked him out in the tenth round.
Eci-wolinaqsit stahqon nekka-kisehlut. The tree looked good when it was all finished (being decorated).
Mam-ote kisehlahtit on-na nit apc wesuwehulaniya. 'Tepessin apc. Am-ote waht pethulahtit apc etolahyahtitpon. At last they finished with him, and then they took him back again (in their canoe). He got in again. Finally, they came back to where they had been playing. (MT)
Ma 'kisehlawiyil. He couldn't get at him.
'Sanaqot tahk wen pistehsit, naka elinaqsit ma-tehp wen kisehlaw. It is dangerous when one falls in, and there are so many who cannot be rescued (cannot be gotten to). (ID)
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