Entry Definition
s/he rescued or saved h/, can rescue or save h/
s/he saves or rescues it, can save or rescue it
s/he finishes doing things to h/ (e.g., processing ash for baskets); s/he gets the better of h/; s/he got at h/, can get at h/; s/he rescues h/
s/he keeps h/, keeps what remains of h/, saves h/ for future use (food, etc.); s/he takes care of h/, rescues h/ from rough situation (e.g., bad home) and keeps h/ (gives h/ room and board); s/he harbors h/
s/he goes (comes) to rescue h/ or to help h/ out (someone in difficulty, in debt, in danger of drowning, etc.)
s/he saves h/, rescues h/
s/he saves it, rescues it
s/he saves it, rescues it
s/he tries h/, tries h/ out (e.g., bicycle); s/he tries to help h/, tries to rescue h/; s/he challenges h/, tests h/ (strength, ability, etc.)
s/he rescues or saves h/; s/he saves h/ for future use