verb ta 34
s/he keeps h/, keeps what remains of h/, saves h/ for future use (food, etc.); s/he takes care of h/, rescues h/ from rough situation (e.g., bad home) and keeps h/ (gives h/ room and board); s/he harbors h/
Verb Stem : -monuwehk_h-
Changed Verb Stem : menuwehk_h-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Mace-monuwehkahat tahalu-te 'toleyuwal nicanol. When she began to take care of him, she treated him like her own child.
Ehpit 'kisi-monuwehkahal kipossisol. The woman took care of the orphan.
Neket menuwehkahat, pileyahsisuwiwuponil. She was a little infant when he first took care of her.
Nkoti wot monuwehkaha 'kani-ahtulhaw. I'm going to save (keep) this old shirt.
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