verb ti 30
s/he saves it for future use, keeps part of it; s/he uses part of it
Verb Stem : -monuwehke-
Changed Verb Stem : menuwehke-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Monuwehkan esqiyak! Save the leftovers!
Eci-milikok naka ma kisi-monuwehkawonewin. There are a lot of things, and we haven't saved them. (BS)
Nkisi-'tuwehkan epahsiw naka nmonuwehkan epahsiw. I used half of it and saved half.
Monuwehkane ktolatuwewakonon. Let's save our language.
Nkoti yut monuwehkan 'kani-mahkut. I'm going to save this old dress.
Psi-te kisi-monuwehkiyin skoniminol ktuwehkan. You use all the seeds you have saved. (RA)
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