part 1

Entry Definition
s/he wins prize; s/he wins part of something (e.g., prize money, set of prizes)
s/he takes h/ clothes; s/he strips h/ of parts (e.g., bicycle)
s/he takes parts from it; s/he takes some of it (collection of objects)
s/he takes parts from something belonging to h/
it has many parts
s/he, it is made up of various parts, is complex, is made of mass of confusing parts; s/he, it is made any old way
s/he, it is made in various ways, is made from various parts
s/he saves it for future use, keeps part of it; s/he uses part of it
s/he takes all of h/ things; takes h/ things and does not return them (but does not actually steal them); s/he strips parts from h/ (e.g., bicycle)
also, too; besides; for h/ part
s/he uses some of it, uses part of it