Entry Definition
s/he uses it as a table
s/he uses it instead of something else (e.g., tool, utensil)
s/he uses it separately
s/he stops relying on it, stops making use of it
s/he uses it as ball
what is used, material
what s/he uses; (as conjunct verb form) using, by means of, with; (as unspecified subject form: ewehkemok) material
s/he uses it with care, uses it responsibly
s/he used h/, can use h/
s/he used it, can use it
it was used, can be used
s/he used or can use something belonging to h/
s/he uses it a lot, s/he finds it indispensable
s/he wants to or is going to make use of it or rely on it
s/he wants to use it, is going to use it
(group) they use it together or jointly
s/he wears it out by using it
s/he wears out something belonging to h/ by repeated use
s/he finishes using h/, has finished using h/
s/he finishes using it, has finished using it
s/he uses it to fight, uses it as weapon
s/he uses h/ for various purposes
s/he uses it in various ways
s/he saves it for future use, keeps part of it; s/he uses part of it
s/he knows how to use h/ (rope, string)