verb ii 14
it was used, can be used
Verb Stem : kisuwehkasi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Eluwe yaq-ote psiw wikuwamol yut eyikil malihkinuwihkuk kisuwehkasik yaq piltaluwik linomonhikon. Lead paint was used in almost all houses in the United States. (DAF)
Pihce-na, iyey, ntakonutomaken neket amsqahs iyey matonotimk, sisse-milut ihil skicinuwok polahkitol. Naka yaq psiw nihtol kisuwehkasuwol, iyey, ewehkehticil kesinukhoticik pomawsuwinuwok. A long time ago, we were told that at the time of the first fighting, the Indians received a distribution of blankets. And they say all of them had been used, that sick people had used them. (JAN)
'Kispastuniya wiyuhs weci-kisuwehkasik weckuwihpuk. They dried the meat so that it could be used during the coming winter.
Psi-tehc nit kisuwehkasu weckuwikotok. Everything can be used during the coming year.
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