verb ti 27
s/he did it, can do it; s/he finished it; s/he got at it, can get at it; s/he makes it do something
Verb Stem : -kisehtu-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ehtahsi-toqakiwikil-ote kotunotultiniya tan eli-kisehtultiyeq. Every fall you should gather as much of it as you can. (MT)
Tehpu li-kisehtaq. If only he can do it.
Nopal-ote kehtol, kenuk cipotu-tehp psi-te kisehtunen. I hope so, but maybe all of us could do it. (AN)
Mahton 'kisehtun. Martin did it.
Nit kat-tehc ktoli-kisehtuwon tan qeni-apsalokosit opos. You will not be able to do that as long as the hole in the tree is small. (LM)
Mam-ote wahka 'kisehtun muwin wiyuhs tehsahqiw ehtek atomupilok. The bear finally, after much difficulty, figured out how to get at the meat that was on top of the automobile.
'Kisehtun macehewiw. He makes it go. He activates (activated) it.
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