Entry Definition
s/he does strange things to h/
(conjunct forms only) s/he does very well
s/he has it; s/he does it
s/he has h/; s/he does h/, sees to h/
s/he does great things
s/he notifies h/; s/he does (something) to h/ in own special or particular way
s/he does it in own special way, in particular way
s/he did something to self, finished doing things to self; s/he did (own) hair, put on makeup, jewelry, etc.
it was done, can be done; it is bearable
s/he did, can do (something)
s/he did it, can do it; s/he finished it; s/he got at it, can get at it; s/he makes it do something
s/he did it for h/, can do it for h/; s/he makes h/ do it, forces or compels h/ to do it
s/he did something to h/
s/he shouts at h/ to get h/ to do something
s/he works; s/he does (something)
it works; it does (something)
s/he begins to do it, begins to work on it
s/he does it using what s/he has available
they do it together
s/he finishes doing it, has finished doing it
s/he does various things to h/
s/he does it in various ways
s/he does it to h/ in various ways
s/he does many different things; s/he causes many kinds of trouble
s/he is person who does many different things; s/he is troublemaker