Entry Definition
s/he keeps praying, continues praying
s/he forces self to pray
s/he stops praying
(church) there is praying or prayer service, there is mass, there is church service
s/he prays
s/he prays for h/
s/he prayed, can pray
s/he starts to pray
they pray together
s/he finishes praying, has finished praying
s/he finishes praying for h/, has finished praying for h/
s/he prays any old way
they (two) pray together
one who prays
s/he makes urgent request for help, implores assistance in desperate situation, prays to be rescued or saved; (religion) s/he prays for help, s/he makes a novena
s/he prays rapidly
s/he prays quietly, prays calmly
s/he prays in Peskotomuhkati or Wolastoqey
s/he knows how to pray
s/he prays without form, prays unintelligibly, goes on and on praying
s/he is praying
s/he prays without set form, prays any old way
s/he prays with others
s/he prays zealously or fervently
s/he goes around to the Stations of the Cross, praying; s/he goes around (something) praying