verb ai 9
s/he makes urgent request for help, implores assistance in desperate situation, prays to be rescued or saved; (religion) s/he prays for help, s/he makes a novena
Plural : pokitonikhotuwok
Verb Stem : -pokitonike-
Changed Verb Stem : pekitonike-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Nutuwawa-kahk yaq elomi-mote-pokitonikhotilit, elomi-mote-imiyewintuhtilit. Indeed, they say that people could hear them saying prayers for rescue and singing hymns as they drifted away. (MT/DAF)
Tokec-op pokitoniket kat-op nit 'tutpayiwon. If he would only pray he wouldn't be so scared.
Ulamsotomon wen pekitoniket cu-oc tama 'toqiw kisaposu. He believes that when one requests help through prayer he or she will somehow be saved.
Etutpayit kuskawet cuwi-te pokitonike. He was so scared when his boat overturned that he prayed for help.
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