Entry Definition
s/he helps h/; helps h/ out by giving h/ something needed or lacking
s/he serves self (food, etc.), helps self (to food, supplies, etc.)
s/he helps h/ up (out of bed, car, chair, etc.)
s/he is unable to help h/
s/he cannot help doing it
s/he supports or helps balance h/ to prevent h/ from falling
s/he helped self, can help self; s/he can survive or endure
s/he gives h/ (to someone) to help out
s/he gives it (to someone) to help out
s/he helps out because s/he is sympathetic or has pity; s/he helps the poor, is charitable
s/he helps h/ with what s/he has available, manages to give h/ something
s/he helps h/ in many or various ways
s/he helps it in many or various ways
s/he goes (comes) to rescue h/ or to help h/ out (someone in difficulty, in debt, in danger of drowning, etc.)
s/he does not help h/ enough
s/he does not help it enough
s/he tries to rely on h/, get help from h/, make use of h/
s/he tries to rely on it, get help from it, make use of it
s/he makes urgent request for help, implores assistance in desperate situation, prays to be rescued or saved; (religion) s/he prays for help, s/he makes a novena
s/he helps h/ down
s/he helps it fully, helps it as much as s/he possibly can; s/he supports it fully, subscribes to it (idea, opinion, philosophy, etc.)
s/he helps carry it; s/he contributes it (money, labor, assistance, etc.)
s/he helps, s/he helps out
s/he helps h/, assists h/, aids h/
s/he helps self (assists self, serves self food, takes supplies, etc.)