Entry Definition
(conjunct forms only) very, very much; when
(conjunct forms only) very; to an extreme; at that point; when going by; (etuci ... cel) so ... that (see example)
quickly, fast; very, very much; more so than is desirable
s/he is very sick
it is very windy, the wind blows hard
s/he is very much afraid
(person, animal) s/he is very hairy on body
very; very much
very; intensely, very strongly, sharply, etc.
brightly, fancily, showily; very
very much, extremely; to death (literally or figuratively)
s/he is very much afraid or scared or frightened
s/he sings so much
(something string-like, long and narrow, story, etc.) it is very long
very, very much
it is very sharp
s/he is very sick
s/he is very much afraid of it
s/he is very much afraid of something belonging or pertaining to h/
s/he is very big, is very tall
it is very hot