etuci (etuc-, etut-)

(conjunct forms only) very; to an extreme; at that point; when going by; (etuci ... cel) so ... that (see example)
Changed Verb Stem : etuci (etuc-, etut-)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Etutapskosit. He is very fat.
Apc etuci-apqotehmuhtit wikuwam. At that point they opened the house again. (LM)
(etuci ... cel) Etucuhset nmihtaqs cel napisqahman. My father walked so fast that he tripped. When my father was walking by, he tripped.
Etuci-kotuhpit espons. The raccoon is very hungry.
Notes : (changed form of tuci; for words beginning with this preverb, also check entries beginning with tuc-, tut-)
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