Entry Definition
(conjunct forms only) very; to an extreme; at that point; when going by; (etuci ... cel) so ... that (see example)
(movement, extension) continuing on, keeping going, passing by without stopping
s/he slides in quickly on way by (e.g., on sleigh or toboggan)
on the way by; stopping by; turning in and out again quickly
s/he, it goes past the appointed cutoff, goes right by without stopping
(pejorative) one who just gets by, one who doesn't do any more than is necessary to get by (financially); one who needs to be watched to make sure s/he's working
s/he, it goes right by, goes by in one continuous motion; s/he goes directly there
it goes or moves by; it goes or moves so fast
s/he, it goes by; s/he, it goes or moves so fast
(in time, in space) passing by, going by, at certain point; (quantity, intensity, duration etc.) so much, to certain extent; as much as, as many as; (tuci ... naka) as ... as
it flows by; it flows so fast
s/he runs by; s/he runs so fast
s/he, it goes by; s/he, it goes so fast
it goes by, it goes so fast
s/he walks by
they walk by; they walk at a certain speed
s/he swims by, swims past
they (two) walk by, walk at certain speed