Entry Definition
it grows so as to cover (e.g., spreading plant)
(building, car) it is rigid, solid; (plant) it is stiff or rigid as it grows
s/he stops growing h/, stops raising h/
s/he stops growing it, stops raising it
(woods, underbrush) it is thickly grown
(plants) they grow crowded together; there is nothing but them growing there
s/he grows it big or bigger
s/he grows something big or bigger for h/
s/he grows it big or bigger for h/ (on his behalf; e.g., squash)
it was grown or cultivated, can be grown or cultivated
s/he grew or cultivated it, can grow or cultivate it
s/he grew or can grow it for h/
s/he wants to grow it, is going to grow it
s/he splits something (e.g., basket hoop, barrel hoop) by following grain; s/he starts something growing (e.g., home-brew mixture)
it starts to grow
s/he starts to grow it, s/he raises it; s/he develops it
s/he is growing older, is becoming elderly
s/he grows up; (plant, etc.) s/he starts to grow
they grow together, grow in a bunch
s/he grows slowly
they grow together (e.g., two tree trunks)
they (two) grow up together
it grows fast
s/he grows h/ quickly; s/he rears h/ quickly (child, animal)
s/he grows it quickly, raises it quickly (plant, crop)