Entry Definition
s/he stops learning, stops going to school
s/he teaches self; s/he learns
s/he taught self, can teach self; s/he learned, can learn
s/he reads late (at night); s/he is late in learning to read
s/he reteaches h/, teaches h/ something over again
s/he reteaches it to self, relearns it; s/he rehearses or practices it
s/he learns slowly, is slow learner
s/he teaches h/
s/he learns it, learns to do it, teaches self to do it
(insult) s/he is extremely thick-headed; s/he does not listen, cannot learn
s/he learns it or knows it backward (i.e., back to front, from end to beginning); s/he "gets it backward" (e.g., thinks her left hand is her right hand, and vice-versa)
s/he teaches self well, is good learner, is self-disciplined