Entry Definition
s/he hauls it upward or hoists it high with mechanical device
s/he charges higher price for it, raises price of it
(baseball) ball thrown high
high up in heaven
high up in sky
s/he overcharges h/ for it
s/he charges too much, h/ prices are high
the tide is very high; it is spring or flood tide; the tide is at its highest in its monthly cycle
there are extraordinarily high tides (e.g., at each full moon or in hurricane)
s/he charges high price(s)
s/he charges high price(s)
s/he, it fills with water; (ii) it is high tide
at upper part of mudflat; at high water line
the tide is too high
it is too tall, it is in too high a place
s/he charges too much; h/ prices are too high
(fish, etc.) s/he is hung high up on wall to dry in sun
it is high land
(sofa, hassock, car) it is high in shape
(bathtub, elephant) s/he is high in shape
(cliff) it is high
it is tall; it is in high place
(something little) it is tall, it is high
there is deep snow, there is high snowdrift