Entry Definition
it keeps making a sound
it sounds awkward
s/he sounds awkward (when speaking)
it sounds odd or strange
s/he sounds depressed; s/he is saying that s/he (self) is depressed; s/he sounds as if s/he doesn't know what to do next
(hole, entrance) it sounds scary
(lion with open mouth, etc.) s/he sounds scary
s/he is startled by sound of something or someone falling
it sounds scary or creepy or eerie
s/he makes eerie sound (using voice), sounds creepy or scary
s/he finds its sound frightening
(sound) it approaches here, comes toward here
s/he sounds as if s/he is coming toward here; h/ voice (or other sound s/he is making) is coming this way
s/he sounds stymied, sounds as if s/he doesn't know what to do
it has rough sound
it sounds old
it sounds so many times
it makes loud noise, it resounds; it sounds loud; it is a loud noise
it sounds lonely
it sounds unappealing, sounds foolish
s/he sounds boring, unappealing
it sounds easy to do
s/he sounds easy (to beat, to fool, etc.)
s/he likes the sound of it, is eager to hear it; s/he is sensitive to the sound of it, can pick it out from among other sounds
s/he thinks it sounds pitiful; (in translation) it sounds pitiful to h/