Entry Definition
white man, Englishman
s/he does it the English way, does it in the white man's way
something pertaining to the white man's way of doing things
white woman, Englishwoman
English rule, English law; white man's rule or law
s/he is a white (or English) person
s/he behaves like white or English person
it is incandescent, shines white
s/he, it is bright white
it shines white
s/he has light blue or gray eyes; s/he has white eyes (e.g., from having drowned)
h/ eyes turn white from the cold
(slang for "white person") white-eyes
it has white spots or dots
s/he puts white spot(s) or dot(s) on it
s/he cooks h/ until white
s/he cooks it until white, cooks the color out of it
(food) s/he cooks until s/he is white; s/he fades, is bleached (from heat or sunlight)
it cooks until it is white; it fades, is bleached (from heat or sunlight)
(something stick-like) s/he is white
it is (there is) white board or plank
s/he has white hair
h/ hands are white from having handled white substance (paint, chalk, cottage cheese, etc.)
(white paper, cloth, etc.) it shows or is seen quickly
(white garment, etc.) s/he shows or is seen quickly