Entry Definition
(tree) s/he has so many branches
s/he places or uses so many sticks; s/he cuts so many trees or branches; (basketmaking) s/he puts on so many hoops
(tree) s/he has big branches or limbs
(tree) s/he has big branches or limbs
s/he cuts off its limbs or branches
s/he, it forks, branches into V, spreads apart
s/he has two prongs, branches, extensions; s/he forks
(tree) s/he has soft branches or needles
turning, branching to one side
s/he turns to side swimming (e.g., to avoid something); s/he turns to swim into branching waterway (e.g., into brook where it enters river)
stub of lopped-off branch, knot (in wood); club (LM)
(tree) branch, bough, limb
bough, branch, limb
(tree) s/he is fully branched; (fruit or vegetable) s/he is fully developed, is "filled out"
broken branch not yet fallen from tree
(two) they are joined together, they branch out from a common source