Entry Definition
see!, look!
s/he is back from having gone to see it
s/he sees it as small; (in translation) it looks small to h/
s/he sees it as being upside-down
s/he sees something belonging to h/ as being upside-down
s/he sees what will happen to self in future, s/he has premonition; s/he undergoes change of personality; h/ facial expression changes just before dying
s/he sees something strange
s/he sees it as snakelike; (in translation) it looks like snake to h/
s/he views it as scary, is frightened by its appearance; (in translation) it looks scary to h/
here, let me see that (indicates interest in something near or being held by person spoken to); hmm ... let me think; well, now; let me go by
(hidden, camouflaged, in fog) s/he is hard to see, is just barely visible
s/he stops seeing it (as it fades out of sight or gets too far away)
s/he stops seeing h/; s/he stops being able to see h/ (e.g., someone fading out of sight or getting too far away)
light shines through h/, s/he is translucent or transparent; s/he wears something one can see through
s/he has h/; s/he does h/, sees to h/
s/he sees something; s/he pictures something in mind
s/he experiences something through eyes (e.g., has a vision, hallucinates)
there are different varieties of it to see
s/he has difficulty seeing h/; s/he looks at h/ indecently
(baseball against sky, animal at dusk, etc.) s/he is hard to see, is camouflaged
(object) it is hard to see, is camouflaged
(object) it is hard to see
s/he goes (comes) to see it
s/he sees it in advance, foresees it
s/he drops by to see it