see!, look!

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Aki not, mecimi macepha nisu 'qoss kcihkuk. Look at him, he always takes his two sons into the woods. (MT)
Aki, ktiyuluhpon. See, I told you so.
Aki, nemaht, mesq nemaht peciyahq nokka-cuwapotokkultiniya. Nit-te li-cuwapotokkultukk. Aqqatale moskeyinekk. Ma kisi-witahyew. Uci-macewsan. Ah, but at his destination, before he could reach his destination, they all jumped into the water. They jumped in right there. He was terribly sorry. He couldn't play with them. So he walked away from there. (MT)
Aki yut! (kil or kiluwaw) Look at this!
Notes : (see also akiyan)
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