Entry Definition
(expresses surprise) gee!; oh, go on with you!; don't exaggerate!; indeed, it's been a hard day!; don't get discouraged!; it's no big deal!; holy cow!; wow!
(someone or something little) isn't s/he cute! isn't it cute!; (following a noun, also) dratted, damn; (also, expresses surprise at someone or something seen unexpectedly)
something strange happens to h/, it; (event) it is strange, surprising
s/he stares in wonder, stares in surprise
(expresses emphasis, usually surprise)
s/he startles h/
s/he comes upon it unexpectedly, by surprise; s/he catches it in time (train, bus, etc.)
s/he comes upon h/ unexpectedly, by surprise; s/he catches h/ doing something, catches h/ in time (before it is too late)
(expresses great surprise) holy cow! oh my goodness!
s/he encounters it suddenly or without warning, happens on it by surprise
s/he encounters h/ suddenly or without warning, surprises h/, ambushes h/