verb ta 36
s/he comes upon h/ unexpectedly, by surprise; s/he catches h/ doing something, catches h/ in time (before it is too late)
Verb Stem : -keskuhtehkuw-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nkeskuhtehkuwa nqoss etoli-koti-komuci-nutahat. I came upon my son as he was trying to sneak out.
Mali 'keskuhtehkuwal nisuwihticil naka witapesqihil etoli-komutuwalkecik. Mary caught her husband and her girlfriend committing adultery.
Nkeskuhtehkakun pahtoliyas etolamotultiyek. The priest caught us playing cards.
Nkeskuhtehkuwa taktal 'tahpisomok. The doctor happened to be in when I went to his office. I caught the doctor at his office.
'Keskuhtehkuwal elomi-pusilicil Mociyehsuwol, kci-nacitahamtihticil. He caught Partridge, his great enemy, paddling away. (LM)
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