Entry Definition
s/he hooks h/, catches h/ (fish)
s/he catches h/ (ball, etc.) with one hand
s/he catches it (something thrown or falling) with one hand
s/he has a cold, catches a cold
s/he comes upon it unexpectedly, by surprise; s/he catches it in time (train, bus, etc.)
s/he comes upon h/ unexpectedly, by surprise; s/he catches h/ doing something, catches h/ in time (before it is too late)
s/he is caught by neck
h/ clothes get caught in it (e.g., bramble)
s/he catches h/ in trap, traps h/
s/he catches something in trap
s/he catches it in trap
s/he catches in trap something belonging to h/
s/he is caught (in trap, wrecked car, etc.)
s/he, it sticks, is stuck, is caught; (bird) s/he alights and holds on
s/he is too late to catch it (bus, etc.)
s/he is too late to catch h/ (i.e., misses appointment with h/, etc.)
s/he catches cold again
s/he catches h/ with hand(s) by guessing h/ location accurately (e.g., a ball)
s/he catches it with hand(s) by guessing its location accurately
s/he takes or gets hold of h/, catches hold of h/
s/he gets hold of it, catches it by grabbing it (moving object)
s/he gets h/, obtains h/; (chasing, grabbing) s/he catches h/
s/he gets it, obtains it; (chasing, grabbing) s/he catches it
s/he catches or gets something belonging to h/; s/he gets it from h/
s/he gets or catches for h/