Entry Definition
(liquid) the direction of its flow changes
it forms eddy
(water) it flows around something (e.g., island, sandbar,)
(water) it eddies, forms whirlpool
(water from two sources or currents) it flows together
the tide is coming in
(lake, river) it extends or flows toward here
(liquid) it leaks through, flows through
to, at Telos Lake, Maine
(water) it flows or runs down below
(liquid) it flows through, trickles through
it flows fast, there is a strong current
(water) it flows downhill
narrows, strait (between two lakes, in river, etc.); narrowing of current
(water) it eddies, it forms whirlpool
(water) it revolves, its flow moves clockwise or counterclockwise (e.g., in whirlpool, large eddy, tidal current)
it flows rapidly, it is strong current
(water) its flow slows and suspended matter settles out of it; it filters through (leaving sediment behind)
(water) it flows out over gravel or sand
(water) it flows out over grass or reeds
(water) it flows many different ways over rocks
it is difficult rocky stretch in river (i.e., hard to canoe through)
(current, water) it flows unfavorably or dangerously
(water) it is heard flowing (but is not seen)
(water) it cuts into ground as it flows, erodes bank, etc.