Entry Definition
s/he, it is straight (i.e., not curved or bent)
it is marked with straight line(s)
(baseball) ball thrown straight
s/he goes in straight line
straight, straight ahead; direct, directly (toward something)
(tree) h/ wood splits straight
straight, straight ahead; directly toward something
straight, straight ahead
s/he, it juts out straight
s/he swims straight
(something stick-like) it is straight (vertically or horizontally)
(splint, wood, pole) s/he, it splits along the grain, splits straight
straight up, directly overhead
s/he sits up straight, s/he sits on edge of seat
s/he goes directly to it, heads straight for it
s/he walks along straight line
straight pin, common pin
s/he lies straight, lies stretched out; s/he lies along (something)
s/he walks straight ahead; s/he walks directly (to something)
s/he has straight hair
(ball, kite, arrow) s/he, it flies straight (involuntarily)
s/he sews or weaves in continuous straight line
it extends in straight line
s/he stretches h/ straight
s/he extends in straight line