Entry Definition
it goes quickly out of sight
s/he, it disappears behind something, goes out of view (behind something)
(soft substance; e.g., pat of butter, mud-hole) it is small in quantity and disappearing or being used up
h/ head disappears inside or under (something)
s/he makes it vanish or disappear; s/he wipes it out (e.g., debt); (figuratively) s/he changes subject to hide it
it disappears, vanishes
s/he, it disappears, vanishes
it is disappearing gradually
(odor) it disappears
s/he watches h/ until s/he can no longer see h/
s/he watches it until it is out of sight
s/he walks away going out of sight; (sun, moon) s/he is setting
s/he watches it as it moves farther and farther away, watches it fading away or going out of sight in the distance