Entry Definition
s/he puts or places h/ out of sight, s/he hides h/ (behind something)
s/he puts or places it out of sight (behind something)
s/he jumps from place to place
s/he places h/ permanently; (judge) s/he gives h/ life sentence
s/he places it in such a way as to tangle it
s/he places separately something belonging to h/
s/he puts or places h/ into water
s/he places it loosely (something string-like)
s/he lifts it and places it above
(conjunct forms only) where s/he stays
s/he is in place; it is h/ usual seat; it is the place where s/he is kept or where s/he belongs
it is in its place; it is its place, it is the place where it is kept or where it belongs
its place, the place where it belongs, the place where it sits
place where s/he fishes
being or happening there continuously, regularly, repeatedly; (conjunct forms) the place where
place on table used by person at meal
place where s/he usually eats
place where s/he picks it (berry, fiddlehead, sweetgrass, etc.)
place where s/he works, h/ workplace
s/he places h/ out of sight, puts h/ in hiding
s/he places it out of sight, places it in hiding
s/he places it heedlessly, places it without consideration (e.g., places it where it blocks view or access)
s/he puts h/ in a particular place (e.g., teacher puts child at front of class)
s/he wants to be in a safe place
s/he puts it with others