Entry Definition
s/he sleeps late
s/he plants late
s/he tells story or reports news late or after the fact
s/he gets up late, rises late (from sleeping)
s/he pays late
late, tardy
s/he is too late to catch it (bus, etc.)
s/he is late, arrives late
s/he is too late to catch h/ (i.e., misses appointment with h/, etc.)
s/he kicks it too late (e.g., field goal), steps on it too late
s/he arrives late
it is late
s/he is late coming or going, is running late
s/he reads late (at night); s/he is late in learning to read
s/he works late
(event, meeting, etc.) it starts late; it is scheduled late in the day
s/he sleeps late
s/he walks in late, arrives late
late at night
this (absent or deceased); poor little one