wakat, wakaw

pronoun animate
this (absent or deceased); poor little one
Plural : wehketkikk these
Obviative : wehketkikkol; (plural) wehketkikk

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tama not opu wakat nutomakon? Where is my pipe (missing, mislaid)?
Likew mehcinehsuwa wakaw. The poor little one is dead.
Mam-ote peciphut, yaka papehcimahtit. Katama, ma, ma ihiwya wakat. Then, when they finally got back, they asked after her. But no, she wasn't around. (MT)
Nmoskeyin wakat keskahluk ntahtuwapuwakon. I'm sorry I lost my cup.
Wakaw nmihtaqs. My late father.
Wakaw nikuwoss. My late mother.
Notes :

(absentative form of wot 1; see also weket)

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