waht, wahte, wahta

far off, far away, in the distance, over there

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Wahte ktoliyan naka knaci-papehciman. Go over there and ask him. (GR)
Waht weckuwyamok eci-wolinaqahk. The route here from there is very beautiful.
Waht oloqiw. Way over that way.
Waht-ote pemskutek tolahhik. They are playing far away in the field.
Mecimi-te pahtoliyas mihkuluwemu wahte nihkaniw. The priest always preaches up in front.
Wahte nomiya sehket qihiw imiyewikuwamok. I see him over there, standing near the church.
Waht elomiyat. He went far off. There he goes.
Waht-ote nihkaniw nomiyak cihpolakonok. Way up ahead I see eagles.
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