Entry Definition
s/he has strange odor, smells odd
s/he has good or sharp sense of smell
s/he smells thus
it smells thus
s/he has smelly tail
it has a sexual odor
it has a sexy scent
s/he smells of feces, smells as if s/he has soiled pants
it smells like excrement
it stinks, smells bad
s/he has bad breath
h/ clothes stink; (garment, cloth) s/he stinks
(garment, cloth) it stinks
s/he smells bad, stinks, reeks
it smells bad, stinks, reeks
s/he smells bad odor from h/, dislikes the smell of h/
s/he smells bad odor from it, dislikes the smell of it, thinks it smells terrible, bad, etc.; (in translation) it smells bad to h/
s/he dislikes the smell of something belonging to h/; s/he thinks something belonging to h/ smells bad
s/he smells bad to self
(food) h/, its aroma goes or comes out (e.g., out of pot)
s/he smells new
s/he smells h/
s/he smells it
s/he smells something belonging to h/
it smells sour or spoiled