Entry Definition
s/he is brunette, has dark hair
s/he is bald
s/he cuts off all h/ hair (on head), shaves h/ head
(animal) s/he sheds hair or fur, molts; (baby) s/he loses baby hair
h/ hair is knotted up (in order to curl it, or from being tangled)
s/he knots h/ hair (in order to curl it); s/he tangles h/ hair in knots
s/he has short hair
s/he cuts h/ hair short, trims h/ hair
h/ hair is tangled or mussed up
h/ hair looks messy
h/ hair is tangled up by the wind
h/ hair is tangled
s/he has messed up hair; h/ hair is prickly, is standing straight up
s/he has spiky or spiked hair
h/ hair or feathers burn off or singe
its hair burns off
s/he is charmed (e.g., has special powers of healing or perception); s/he experiences chill (thrill) of fear, anxiety, or excitement; h/ hair stands up on end
s/he washes h/ hair
s/he washes (own) hair
s/he hurts h/ by pulling h/ hair
s/he hurts it by pulling its hair
s/he braids own hair
s/he has smelly hair
s/he has smelly head, has smelly hair
s/he has bushy hair