Entry Definition
s/he cannot stop h/, tries in vain to stop h/, tries and fails to stop h/
s/he is unable to stop it
s/he stops for a while (ends stage in trip), makes stops along way
s/he quiets h/ down, soothes h/, stops h/ (child) from crying (usually, by hugging h/)
s/he stops h/
(policeman, customs officer, etc.) s/he stops traffic or pedestrians
it is stopped, is discontinued
s/he stops it
s/he stops something belonging to h/
it stops moving
s/he, it stops moving, comes to stop
(motion or action) stopping, ceasing (for the moment)
s/he stops fighting
(moving vehicle or other object) it looks as if it has stopped
s/he, it stops bleeding
it stops bleeding
s/he stops it, impedes it
the wind stops blowing, it stops being windy
it stops raining
s/he stops breathing (temporarily, or apparently so)
it is slack water, is slack tide; the movement of the tide stops (when it is about to turn); (moving water) it stops
s/he, it stops sliding, slides to a stop
s/he is scared to a halt
(e.g., hare fleeing) s/he stops suddenly in seated position
s/he stops it using body