Entry Definition
(building, house) it has an addition built on
s/he builds extension on house
it is built sturdily, is braced firmly
s/he stops making it, stops building it
s/he stops making or building it for h/
s/he built or can build house for h/
it was made or built, can be made or built
s/he started or built fire, can start or build fire
s/he builds house in off-limits location or in the way of something; (settler) s/he encroaches or intrudes
s/he, it starts to be made or built
s/he builds roaring fire
s/he builds fire for h/, keeps fire going for h/
s/he makes it thus, makes it, builds it
(wind) it builds up, picks up; wind comes up
(person) s/he is well built, is well proportioned
s/he has full figure, is well proportioned
it is strongly built, is solidly constructed
s/he is building house
s/he builds house(s)
s/he builds house for self
s/he builds houses for living
s/he builds fire around it
it is made correctly or accurately, it is well built
s/he is well built, is well proportioned; s/he is nice and plump, is pleasingly plump
s/he builds nest