verb ii 14
it was made or built, can be made or built
Verb Stem : kisihtasi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kenoq ntihin nil ewikhasik yut Sipayik, nemq-ote neke awt kisihtasu kenoq mec-ote yuhtol pesqonul wikuwamol ansa-te mesq kistewiyil. But I have a picture of Sipayik, when the road had just been finished but there were still some houses that seem not to have been completely finished. (MB)
Ukomolcin yaka Maliyan etuceyit, on yaka kisihtasu ihtolokehkitimok. At last, when Mary Ann is eight years old, a schoolhouse is built. (MES)
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