Entry Definition
s/he tries without success to say it, has difficulty saying or pronouncing it
(language) accent, distinctive pronunciation; (word, letter) the way it is pronounced
s/he named it, can name it; s/he can say it, can pronounce it
(sound, word) it is pronounced in various ways
s/he speaks it clearly and distinctly, pronounces it precisely; s/he is articulate in speaking about it
s/he pronounces it thus, breathes it thus, sings it thus
s/he breathes h/ thus (vowel)
(word, dialect) it is pronounced differently
s/he can say it well, can pronounce it well
s/he says or pronounces it well
s/he breathes it correctly, articulates or pronounces it well (sound)
s/he breathes it correctly for h/, articulates or pronounces it well for h/ (sound)
s/he names or pronounces it incorrectly, calls it by wrong name
s/he calls something belonging to h/ by wrong name, names something belonging to h/ incorrectly, pronounces incorrectly a word relating to h/ (name, school, birthplace, etc.)