Entry Definition
harvest time; (activity) there is harvesting, gathering of food or provisions, salting of fish, etc.
harvest moon; (name for month in lunar calendar approximating October)
harvest; something brought or taken in
(agriculture) crop, produce; harvested fruits, vegetables, grain, etc.
s/he brings things in (into house, etc.), brings in harvest
person who harvests hay
one who harvests basket ash to sell
s/he harvests or gathers medicinal plants, prepares medicines, fills prescriptions
s/he picks things up; s/he gathers crop, picks, harvests (especially, potatoes)
it is potato-picking time; there is potato harvest
it picks things up; (farm equipment) it picks, it harvests
s/he harvests by shaking plant (e.g., shaking limbs of apple tree so fruit will fall)
s/he harvests or picks it for so long a time
harvest time (digging of potatoes, etc.)
s/he harvests ash trees (for basketmaking)