Entry Definition
s/he transfers it to another place
s/he carries or takes h/ out of sight (behind something)
s/he is carrying it (in hand, in pocket, in bag, etc.)
s/he carries it upside-down, turns it upside-down quickly
s/he portages; s/he carries items to another place (e.g., when stacking firewood)
s/he carries load toward here
s/he carries h/ under arm; s/he supports h/ by holding h/ arm or elbow
s/he carries it under arm; s/he supports it by holding on to it
s/he carries something belonging to h/ under arm
s/he carries it (them) under both arms
s/he carries it under one arm
s/he takes or carries h/ back and forth
s/he takes or carries it back and forth
s/he carries back and forth something belonging to h/
s/he carries h/ upward
s/he carries upward something belonging to h/
carrying back and forth
s/he goes around serving h/ (food), goes around giving h/ out (gum, cup, etc.); s/he goes around carrying h/ cradled in arms (child, pet, etc.)
s/he carries h/ around, drives h/ around in vehicle, chauffeurs h/
s/he carries it around, takes it around
s/he carries around something belonging to h/
s/he carries h/ out of view, hides h/ away
s/he snatches it; s/he carries it at high speed
s/he carried it, can carry it
s/he smuggles it, carries it across secretly