Entry Definition
s/he swims around something (detouring or bypassing it); (Wol) s/he swims in circle, swims around (something)
s/he swims at angle (e.g., due to poor form)
s/he swims to different location or place
s/he comes toward here underwater
s/he swims naked, goes skinny-dipping (Pesk)
s/he takes shortcut swimming, swims so as to intercept (someone or something)
s/he swims straight
s/he swims across
s/he swims using breast-stroke
s/he starts to swim, swims away
s/he stops swimming, has stopped swimming
s/he swims away from shore
s/he swims to shore, swims to land
s/he goes (comes) to swim
s/he swims to it
s/he swims under (something)
s/he swims at night
s/he swims there
s/he swims underwater in that direction
s/he swims left-handed (e.g., doing sidestroke); s/he swims toward the left
s/he approaches or arrives swimming, swims here
s/he swims along
s/he ferries h/ in boat, carries h/ along while swimming
s/he turns to side swimming (e.g., to avoid something); s/he turns to swim into branching waterway (e.g., into brook where it enters river)
s/he makes sharp turn while swimming