Entry Definition
s/he tells a story, tells what happened
s/he continues telling story; s/he goes on and on telling story (annoyingly)
s/he keeps talking, keeps telling story or stories
s/he keeps telling lies, keeps blathering
s/he tells or reports what s/he saw or heard
s/he talks, tells story, reports news
s/he tells it (story)
s/he tells h/ a story, talks to h/ about something
s/he does not have chance to tell h/, s/he tries without success to tell h/
s/he goes on to tell it; s/he relays it, brings or takes it (message, report); s/he translates it; (ai, also) s/he continues telling story, s/he interprets
s/he tells strange story or stories
s/he tells story about h/
s/he tells old story or legend
s/he tells h/ story or stories
s/he tells scary story
s/he tells h/ scary story
s/he tells h/, says to h/
s/he says to it; s/he tells it (something)
(story, etc.) it is told secretly
s/he told story, can tell story
s/he told h/, can tell h/
s/he wants to or is going to tell it to h/
s/he wants to tell story, is going to tell story
s/he wants to tell h/ story, is going to tell h/ story
(story) it is told