Entry Definition
s/he cooks fancy dishes, prepares elegant meals
s/he is back from having cooked
s/he burns or cooks from the inside out; s/he turns inside-out when burning or cooking
s/he cooks for h/ separately
s/he cooks it separately
s/he keeps an eye on cooking food (at request of cook) so that it doesn't burn or boil over, etc.
s/he prepares food for h/ so many times; s/he wipes h/ (dish, pot) so many times
s/he cooked, can cook
s/he cooked h/, can cook h/
s/he cooked it, can cook it
s/he cooked or can cook it for h/
s/he wants to cook, is going to cook
s/he wants to cook it, is going to cook it
s/he wants to or is going to cook it for h/
s/he cooks large quantity, cooks big batch
s/he starts to cook
s/he cooks for h/ according to what food s/he has available
s/he cooks with what ingredients s/he has available, cooks with leftovers
they cook food together
(person) s/he has finished doing the cooking; s/he has quit job as cook
s/he burns it completely, incinerates it; s/he finishes cooking it, has finished cooking it
s/he burns up something belonging to h/; s/he finishes or has finished cooking it for h/
s/he cooks as much as possible
s/he cooks as much food as possible for self
s/he cooks it slowly or gently