Entry Definition
s/he is back from having gathered eggs
(bird, turtle) she lays small eggs
(bird, reptile) she lays big eggs
seagull egg
(bird) s/he sits on eggs, broods
s/he removes eggs from it (nest, etc.); s/he removes it from nest (egg)
s/he removes eggs from nest(s), gathers eggs
s/he goes (comes) to gather eggs
s/he hatches eggs
h/ eggs are hatching
she lays egg(s)
(bird, turtle, etc.) s/he lays roundish eggs (i.e., more spherical and less ovoid)
s/he lets go of h/ as of an egg; (humorous) s/he lets go of his testicles
s/he throws egg(s) at h/
s/he throws egg(s) at it
egg carton, egg crate
s/he goes around gathering eggs