Entry Definition
s/he is back from having taken h/ for ride (in car, etc.)
s/he drives h/ around (in car, etc.)
s/he sticks on; s/he hitches ride by holding on, (in general) s/he hitches a ride
(horse) s/he is easy to ride; (rider) s/he makes it look easy to ride
s/he takes or carries h/ away; s/he gives h/ ride in car
s/he starts to ride it (straddling it)
s/he is heard riding a horse (but is not seen)
s/he carries h/ to there, gives h/ a ride to there; s/he carries h/ thus
s/he rides or drives h/ (bicycle, animal); s/he pushes h/ with force of body or foot; s/he moves body closer to h/; s/he wears h/ (garment); s/he supports h/, backs h/ up (physically, morally); s/he affects h/ thus
s/he rides away on it (e.g., overturned canoe)
s/he arrives riding h/; s/he comes to h/
s/he carries h/; s/he gives h/ ride in vehicle
s/he drives or rides something (vehicle, horse) belonging to h/
s/he rides horse, s/he rides horseback
it rides the waves well
s/he is suitable for h/; s/he treats h/ appropriately (with due respect, etc.); s/he drives or rides h/ into (something)
s/he brings h/ here; s/he gives h/ a ride to here
s/he likes to drive h/ around
(ai) s/he is "feeling good," is mildly drunk; (ii; boat, canoe) it rides gentle swells nicely
s/he goes around giving rides to others, s/he drives taxi