verb ta 33
s/he takes or carries h/ away; s/he gives h/ ride in car
Verb Stem : -maceph-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Yet ehta mecimi nilun naci-tkahsomuhtiyek, wikiyan Motahkomikuk, on-oc nmacephukenen. Eci-mocawtossok nit awt. When we used to go swimming when I lived at Motahkomikuk, we would go by car. The road we had to travel on was bad. (SC)
Teponaskuhyak, macephan 'temis sitomok. When the time came, he took his dogs down to the shore. (LM)
Kamot-op wot komuci-macephanen oloqiw kcihkuk; yut kahk qsokayaskutek oloqiphoq, solahkihc knomiyukun kukec. We'd better carry him (deer) out of sight to the woods; if we carry him across the field in that direction the game warden will see us. (WN)
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